What Game Grump are you?

Do you love game grumps? Do you like tests? Do you wonder why I am asking this? Well if you at least said yes to one question, You may take this test! This test calculates if you are: Arin, Danny, Jon, Suzy, Barry, or Ross. Warning: If you do not believe this test calculated you right, TAKE IT TWICE or take it three times. THREE TIMES A CHARM (no its two times a charm im an idiot XD) If non of these characters define you, just call your self Mycruba! WARNING YOU MEST BE MATURE TO TEST,THIS HAS VERY STRONG LANGUAGE (AKA SWEARING) AND SEX REFRENCES THANK YOU

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If you where a youtuber, what kind of one would you be?

the editor
Reviewing things
Talking about fashion and D.I.Y ( do it yourself) crafts
I would entertain the flip out of everybody
Making people laugh by being an idiot
I would play video games and saying things

Do you like women

I'm A femminest
Yeah, I date them
Sure, why not?
I work with one
Women help with the work of milk so yes!

How is your love life?

I date but I'm single right now.
I'm a married woman
I'm a married man
I'm single. I act like valentines day is just another day.
Single and ready to mingle not really give me 5 more minutes
I'm married but I don't know how!

Who is your favorite Grump?

Danny! He's a hot jew!
Arin! Can't have game grumps without Arin
JonTron! He made Game Grumps have a loud image!
Suzy or Suzie! I only watch game grumps for her
Barry! Barry is the best, Jon said so!
Ross! He is stupid and that is what makes him stand out!

What is you favorite quote from the game grumps?

Milk please!
He got a sweet stache
I'm F**king done!
Here comes a Yoshi! Here comes a Yosh!

What is your favorite segment of game grumps?

Steam Train
Steam Roll!
Game Grumps
Game Grumps with Jon
Table Flip
Date Grumps

What do you like?

Video games DUH
Making music
Making skits and playing videogames

Do you hate Ross?

Yes, God D**m it Ross
Ross ruins everything!
Yes, sorry Ross! I'm sorry...
He is annoying

Of your friends, who are you?

The idiot! Being dumb is fun!
I'm the sexiest
I'm the kind one
I'm the loudest
I'm that guy who is just there but name is said a lot.
I'm a joker

Are you a sore loser?

No..."you cheated son of a b***h" Okay, a little
No,I am ok with my friends winning
Eh,I don't really care about winning or losing.
If I can't be first, I definently can be last!
I like winning but I'm not like Arin