Would you survive the Creepypastas? Part 1

This is my first quiz. Hope you enjoy! I hope you survive me and the other Creepypastas.

published on May 13, 202120 responses 5
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You are in your bed. It is around 2 AM and you hear a creaking downstairs.

You grab a knife and you hide in the bathroom.
You grab a knife and walk downstairs, ready to kill the intruder.
You stay in bed thinking it's your parents.

The intruder comes closer.

You continue to hide in the bathroom, making sure to stay as quite as possible.
You get ready to stab the intruder.
You stay in bed.

(If you were trying to kill the intruder) The person is Jeff the Killer. He holds his knife ready to kill you.

You lunge at him with you knife.
You run away and hide.
You chose hiding.
Your in bed.

(If your in bed) He comes into your room. You see that he's not your parents.

You run to the bathroom and jump out the window.
You shiver in bed.
You chose something else.

(If your in the bathroom) Jeff the Killer checks your bedroom and frowns when your not there.

You stay in the bathroom
You go out into the hall way and try to escape.
You chose something else.

(If you try to run) He saw you! He runs closer and closer.

You run around a corner and hide in a closet.
You keep running.
You chose something else.

(If your still in the bathroom) He paces around the hallway, ready to strike.

You keep hiding.
You try to stab him.
You chose something else.

(If your in the closet) He runs past you.

You keep quite.
You start to wimper.
You chose something else.