What's your prom dress?

What's your prom dress?

Hey! Wanna find out what your destined to wear on prom night?... Sorry if you don't like it but I don't know you! :)

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What's your faberout colour?


Cut (shape/length)

Long, floaty
Low cut, fits all the way!
Short ,sweet
Fitted and short
Ball gown , sweet heart neckline

Your ideal date? (So you'll look great together)

Footballer: fave colour green
Bookworm: gave color red
Hottest guy:fave colour grey
Bodybuilder:gave colour yellow
The class clown :fave colour blue

What do you like to do?

Take mirror selfies!
Where's that magazine I wanted to see what Julie was wearing!!
I must walk the dog!
What's Bess up to we must shop!!
Hmm, boob job?

How many times have you gone on a date?

Hmm, one hundred very least...
Never in too shy
Too busy shopping!
2 or 3...