What monster high character are you? (Girl's only)

What monster high character are you? (Girl's only)

Which monster high character are you? I have no clue why i made this quiz but.. whatever. enjoy.

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What's your favorite color? *Hides behind Frankie* Plz don't kill me.

*watching a spider* Me: Umm. Favorite color? You: Ohh.. i don't know maybe blue? Oh or green! Oh
wait no purple! or uhh.. *Frowning* sorry i can't choose... *Goes back to watching the spider*
Black and white.
Green,Pink and red.
Gold of course.
Ether gold or purple. i can't ever decide.
Dark blue, black, silver or copper. i can't quite decide.
Uhh... dark Blues & deep purples...

What's your pet peeve?

When schools don't have a vegan selection.
I hate being anchored to one spot. I'd much rather drift to wherever the tide takes me.
My tail gets in the way sometimes and it's really hard to find haunt couture fashions that accommodate it.
When my siblings embarrass me or annoy me *Growling* They totally know how to push my buttons...
When someone refuses to obey me. And having to deal with my sister!
Every morning when i go up/Downstairs my dad insists on grinning and yelling "It's alive!"
I don't like being rubbed the wrong way.
I don't understand why everyone thinks i'm evil and think i would never help anyone else.. oh i also don't like vacuum cleaner's..

What would be your pet's name if you had to name it one of these names?

Count fabulous.
Sweet fang
Captain Penny.
*Watching a fly on a wall* Me: Umm. You: Oh right hmm.. I don't know.

What type of monster would you want to be?

A frankenstein, like thingy.
A werecat!
A werewolf.
A vampire!
A mummy.
A dragon.
Ooh a hybrid between a ghost and a mermaid sounds like fun!
A boogeyman/woman.. though a nice boogeyman/woman.
Would you consider a living and aware robot a monster?

What's your favorite type of food?

Anything sichuan! the spicier it is, the better.
Grapes, especially when someone is feeding them to me.
Even though i do not require traditional food, i am fond of ginger tea.
I'm a vegan. No icky blood for me, so its fruits, vegetables and a lot of iron supplements.
I don't have a fave because i'm up for trying anything! getting a taste for something new always gives me a jolt of happiness!
Seaweed sushi. its so light and deadliciously tasty!
Milkshakes and anchovies-separately, not mixed together.
Nightmare's, of course.

See u later.

oh ok Bye.
Bye! talk to you later!
Uhh... bye..
Goodbye my servant!

Me: I'm not your servant.
Mrawr see you later.
Ooh you have to go? well bye bye. *Floats off*
Goodbye. i hope we can talk again soon.
Bye. hope to see you again.