What monster high character are you? (Girl's only)

What monster high character are you? (Girl's only)

Which ever after high character are you? I have no clue why i made this quiz but.. whatever. enjoy.

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What's your favorite color? *Hides behind Frankie* Plz don't kill me.

*Floating around while watching a spider* Me: Umm. Favorite color? You: Ohh.. i don't know maybe blue? Oh or green! Oh
wait no purple! or uhh.. *Frowning* sorry i can't choose... *Goes back to watching the spider*
Black and white.
Gold of course.
Ether gold or purple. i can't ever decide.
Uhh... dark Blues & deep purples...

What's your pet peeve?

When schools don't have a vegan selection.
I hate being anchored to one spot. I'd much rather drift to wherever the tide takes me.
When my siblings embarrass me or annoy me *Growling* They totally know how to push my buttons...
When someone refuses to obey me. And having to deal with my sister!
Every morning when i go up/Downstairs my dad insists on grinning and yelling "It's alive!"
I don't like being rubbed the wrong way.
I don't understand why everyone thinks i'm evil and think i would never help anyone else.. oh i also don't like vacuum cleaner's..

What would be your pet's name if you had to name it one of these names?

Count fabulous.
Sweet fang
*Watching a fly on a wall* Me: Umm. You: Oh right hmm.. I don't know.

What type of monster would you want to be?

A frankenstein, like thingy.
A werecat!
A werewolf.
A vampire!
A mummy.
Ooh a hybrid between a ghost and a mermaid sounds like fun!
A boogeyman/woman.. though a nice boogeyman/woman.

See u later.

oh ok Bye.
Uhh... bye..
Mrawr see you later.
Ooh you have to go? well bye bye. *Floats off*
Bye. hope to see you again.