Bored random quiz

Bored I'm bored if you're bored bored takes this bord qwis I'm bore d I want some pasta oh I'm I seen something creepy?creepy pastas:did you want us Me:oh yes Creepy pastas:ok

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Me:one of you get of you get over here
Creepy pastas:me.pick me!me!no me.
Ben:"walks opens door"how about me?
Me:yes you
Other creepy pastas:so that's all we had to do.....
Ben:do you like-
Jeff:"puts to sleep"
Me:wake him up or I' gonna do the question
Jeff:"ignores"what's your favorite weapon?
Me:why you!
Jeff:"puts to sleep"answer that or if not go to sleep.

Slender man help
Jeff: whA a at
Knife like you bitch
Me:"wakes up" RUN!RUN!RUN!

Me:if I could only whatch some thing
Inuyasha:hey do you have some sacred jewel shards?
Me:is that inuyasha or I'm I dreaming?if I'm dreaming I better stay dreaming cause if it is a dream I'm liking it
Inuyasha:you're not dreaming wake up
Me:I can't believe it's real
Others:believe it's real because it is
Me:ok but you're in public so ask a question Sango,kagome and inuyasha
Miroku and shippo:why them and not us?
Inuyasha:I have no time for that tetsaiga
Inuyasha:why that...
Kagome:do you like using a bow and arrow?
Sango:do you like kirara?

Yes I use bow and arrow all the time,and I love kirara she's so cute.
Kiki:I'm kikio what do you expect me to say
Kagome:not you her/him "points at you"
I don't like bow and arrow,and kirara is ugly
Kagome:how dare you say that
Kikio:"points at you with the bow and arrow"
Me:wait you can't shot her
Me:thanks goodness

Me:What now I'm still bored
Me:oh no some kind of thing attacks
Sailor Moon:how dare you attack an innocent girl in the name of the moon I'll punish you
Me:is that really sailor moon?well I'll forget about this is my chance to run away.
Me:"thinks,when she kills that thing she can ask a question"
Sailor moon:all done
Me:wait usagi!
Sailor moon:"detransforms into usagi"what?
Me:your on public could you ask a question?
Usagi:sure like what?
Me: not that kind of question...
Usagi:you're the one who's so posed to answer that one
Me:oh,like what's they're favori-
Usagi:What's your favorite food?

Me: I'm liking you
Me: I'm liking you well only if is chocolate cake
Me:I'm liking you

Creepy pastas:we're back.
Inuyasha's team:we're back
All:what happened in our absence?
Me:creepy pastas,I encountered inuyasha and sailor moon while I left.
Inuyasha:oh more peaplo because I had a fight with this guys back there
Me:do you like video games?
Ben:that's my question ask something else?
Me:fine ben's asking that one.what do you do on your free time?

I be like umaru,and there to many games I like that I don't have a favorite
I play with dolls,I don't like video games
Ben and me: get outta here!
Ah,get me un bored

Me:All of you ask a question
All:hey what's up hello

WhAts up
Get me un burned
I meant bored

Me:did you like this qiz uiz q uiz?

It's so boring you never got me un bored
Me:I did this while I was bored,so chill
You should make quizzes while you're bored

Me:What's your age,just bored did you like the questions?

No they suck everything up like Kirby
Get au bored get me un bored

Me:by e later

You didn't get me un bored
I'm not bored anymore

Me: do you have anything else to say?
Jeff:good nightmares
Ben:next time we'll play video games
Slendy:do you want a hug from me,kid?
Masky:that'll do it ,oh hey se ya.oh I forgot here a present
Kagome:"waves hands"

This quiz never ends

Me:favorite song I forgot?

I don't like songs.
This is the end of the quiz "running and crying"