What Pokemon are you? (13)

What Pokemon are you? (13)

This is a quiz to test what Pokemon you could be! From the Firey charizard to the rare Arceus. There are over 30 possibilities.(GENERATION 1-4)

published on September 24, 201716 responses 0 4.5★ / 5

What is your favorite type of Pokémon?

Fire, electric
Water, ice
Ground, rock, steel
Ghost, psychic, dark
Flying, bug
Dragon, fighting
Grass, poison

What level of leadership are you?

I’m a huge leader. I lead the team the whol way.
I’m somewhat of a leader, I can but don’t.
I don’t lead, I don’t follow (either I do my own thing, or I just evenly cooperate with the whole team for a unanimous decision)
I usually follow
I always follow. I never make an independent decision.

How do you feel about power use?

Use it to destroy the opponent, and mercilessly win.
Use it as a challenge to learn and grow.
Use it for when needed.
Only use it for good

How well would you obey your trainer?

Perfectly, on the dot.
Pretty well, but I can make some independent decisions.
If it is a good order OR
I’m lazy but I do it.
I almost never do.


I understand! (does not really)
I understand! (Really interprets some meaning of it)
You have gone completely mad (says to the author)

How serious or joking are you?

Extremely serious. I am very focused.
Pretty serious
Not serious

And why did you take this quiz?

I get like it
I got bored and found google
I enjoy Pokémon.
Some idiot made this and so I took it.