WWFFY Sonic (Girls Only) 2

WWFFY Sonic (Girls Only) 2

Who would fall for you? Take the quiz, and if you haven't already done 1, I suggest you do it NOW!!!!

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Okay, so if you've taken quiz 1 then you'll know which character you got.


Okay, so, recap is you heard a crash, rushed outside, saw a spaceship, the door opened and someone - supposedly your worst enemy - was coming out.

Oh, yeah! NOW I remember!
Nice recap! [Me: Thanx! :) ]
I STILL think it's Sonic. [Me: How stubborn can you GET?] VERY!! [Me: -_- ]
Okay, bring it on!

Anyway, you look and see that the person emerging is not an enemy, but four hedgehogs!

This is getting weird!
Seriously? -_-

They turn to you and smile. "Hey, wazzup?" asks one. He's white and red. You look at the others. One is blue, one is white and one is black and red.

Hey! ;D

"Hi, I'm Sonic," says the blue one. "This is Shadow -" he points to the black and red hedgehog.
"I'm Silver!" says the white one.
"And I'm Shadic! I'm a cross between both Sonic and Shadow!" the white and red one says.
You are confused. "Wait, but then how can you be here, if both Sonic and Shadow are already here?"
"He CAN'T!" butts in Shadow, "but he crossed the timelines and came here anyway and now -"
"GUYS! GUYS! Calm down!" yells Silver.

Yeah, listen to Silver!
You go, Shadow!
Everyone! Stop fighting!
It's not Shadic's fault!

"ANYWAY," Sonic says, turning to you, "We need you to help us."

Yep, that'd be me.
With what?
Uh, ok!

"Come on. Come with us." Silver beckons to you.

Ummm... I dunno...

"Please." Sonic begs. Somehow, he gets you to agree. You hop inside. Suddenly, you hear a scream.

Oh no!!!
What happened?
Wimp. Probably just a spider or something. [rolls eyes]
Let me through!

And cliffhanger! You like it?

Yeh, it's good!
NO! You did a rubbish job!
No, sorry, I think it needs needs a bit more improvement. [Me: Thanks for telling me nicely, UNLIKE ANSWER NUMBER 3!] (Answer number 3: HEY!)