Is he have a crush on you? SUPER ACCURATE

Is he have a crush on you? SUPER ACCURATE

Have a special guy in your life and not sure if he feels the same butterflies in his stomach as you do? Well this quiz should help you determine whether he does or not. Note: Results are very accurate as this quiz was made with research and thought. Enjoy!

published on December 20, 201445 responses 12
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When you're sitting beside your crush, how is he sitting?

Chair super close to mine, leaned in and turned towards me.
Never sat beside him before.
Legs opened, leaned back and body turned away

You're talking to him. Where is he looking?

Straight in my eyes
Eyes and staring around my mouth/face etc
He'll look at me for a second but scan around the room, looking uniterested
Directly at my chest. He barely looks at my face (friends even tell me he looks at my butt!)
I haven't really have a convo with him yet... hehe

What does he act like when talking to you?

He blushes
He seems sorta nervous, he stutters and stuff
He seems bored...but I think that it's just the topic that bores him
Already said that I haven't talked to him!

How does he treat you?

Like one of the guys!
He makes fun of a mean way
Special ;) different from other girls
He acts different for sure, but I'm not positive if it's good or bad, He gets all quite and nervous looking
I think he treats me the same but my friends say he acts different.

Does he fidget around you?

YES! His leg starts shaking and he plays with his pen or hair etc
No, he acts the same as he does to everyone else.

Do his pupils dilate?

Now that I think about it... yes
Not really, no
I haven't noticed

Do you and his friends get along?

No, we hate each other, they're rude and mean
Eh... we're acquaintances

What do his friends act like when you guys are talking/hanging out

They smirk at each other and look at him/hit his arm
They act the same
They try to get me to leave or they try to exclude me

He sees you in the hallway, does he...

Say hi, smile and wave
Doesn't even notice me
He sees me but doesn't do acknowledge my existence
He'll smile then keep doing whatever it was that he was doing

How much does he know about you?

Everything! Including personal info, cell number, address etc
Sadly, nothing or not much
Who my friends are, general info about me and my personal info

Does he have a girlfriend?

Nope :)
No and not looking :(
Yes but they're unhappy
Yes and they're happy together

Final question... how much do you guys have in common?

Like everything!
A bit 50/50
NOTHING but they say opposites attract right?