Are you Hendricks or Kane from BO3 Campaign?

In this quiz you find out if your Hendricks or Kane from the Bo3 Campaign

published on December 11, 201511 responses 0

Are you a coward or a fighter?

I'm a coward and I admit that I'm a loser
NO!! I'll take on a fight even if I'm outnumbered
I don't really know I'm sorta both.....

Do you like guns or controlling Orbital Lasers?

Nah Love guns
I like knives

Someone shoots you what do you do?

Sit there and die
Jump up and kill them
Wait for them to leave and get up and heal yourself

What would you do if your DNI got ripped out of your body

Die instantly
Kill them than die
Shove the DNI back in

Are you an idiot?

NO I can control lasers!!!!!
Yes I admit