Sonic wwffy (5)

Sonic wwffy (5)

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You woke up in a hospital room.

I'm confused
Was I having a dream
Where is mom and dad

Julie (In human form) came running in with 4 other girls. "I'm so glad that you're ok. Meet Crystal, Camille, and Yamilette." She said pointing to the girls. "Where's Sonic and the rest." You asked. The girl exchanged glances.

What? What's wrong
I don't care about Sonic and the rest.
Where are my parents!?
I bet you Sonic visits me. (Me: I bet you that he turned into a human) You're on!

"How did you know about Sonic Hedge?" Yamilette asked. "His name is Sonic the Hedgehog." You said. A boy with blue hair came in. "Dang it Julie. Why do keep telling everybody that I'm Sonic the Hedgehog?" He asked. Julie shrugged.

Where's Shadow? (A black haired boy came in "Hi")
Where's Silver (A white haired boy came in "Hi")
Where's Crimson (A brown haired boy came in "Hi")
Where's Knuckles (A red haired boy came in "Hi")
Ha! I win! (Me: I win too dummy!) O_O

You said hi to everyone. "Why do Crimson look like Shadow?" You asked. "I'm his brother. We use to live filthy rich until Shadow burned all our money." Crimson said. Shadow flicked him on the head. "Our parents were poor and they were in a car accident like Julie's!" Shadow said. Julie shushed him.

Aw, that's why Crimson is mean. He's depressed (Crimson: No I'm not. *Eyes get watery*) Aw, come here Crimson *Hugs*
Julie... I'm so sorry for your lost. *Hugs* (Me: *Sobs*)
Who do live with Julie? (Me: My aunt and uncle)
I realized something (Me: What?) We're calling you Julie instead of Jewels.
WHAT?! Shadow and Crimson are related?!

Your parents came running in and hugged you. Julie pushed everyone out.

I missed you guys so much
I love you guys
Wait? Why am I in the hospital again? (Me: Remember there was a fire) Oh yeah
*Sobs out of happiness*

*END* You left the hospital and never saw the guys again. You only saw Julie, but very rarely. Thanks for participating for my quiz series!
P.S. The result you get will show your guy as a human

I never saw the guys again? What kind of ending is that!?
I loved your quiz series
Nice quiz
I never told Crimson that I loved him.