What is your warrior cats name?

What is your warrior cats name?

This is a (hopefully) interesting quiz to help you find what your warrior cat name could be!

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What are your colors?

Black and gold
White and green
Light Grey and blue
Grey and dark gold
Cream and orange
Red-brown and blue
Dark blue-grey and gold/red-brown eyes
Pale grey/peach orange and violet

You are on a hunting patrol. Choose what you would most likely be doing.

I follow the patrol a ways before separating from the group so I can concentrate on my full hunting strengths to make
the perfect kill.
I take the lead, even if I am not the one chosen to lead the patrol I take over anyways. I am made for the job.
Hunting patrols are so exciting for me! Sadly, I tend to make more noise than necessary when excited and manage to
scare away most of the prey nearby.
It does not matter if I have to hunt all day. If the clan is short of food and I am able, I will hunt. I will not eat until
everyone else if fed.
Sometimes, I lead the hunting patrol but this is less often because I am very busy with clan matters and my time is
best used by consulting our ancestors rather than leading the hunting patrol.
I have been called to find the hunting patrol because a cat stepped on a thorn and I have the herbs needed to help
ease the pain.

When training your apprentice, what advice would you feel is the most important thing to begin to teach him?

I would teach my apprentice how to have courage to stand against the enemies that he will face in battle. I teach him
the importance of showing mercy to others and trying to beat the opponent not by wounding them but with strength
and force.
First, I would teach my apprentice how to walk silently on his paws so he can always hunt stealthily and never be heard
by prey or by other cats. I teach him how to blend in with his surroundings and how to disguise his scent using the
direction of the wind, or of scented things from the territory.
I teach my apprentice that size is not what matters, and that what really matters is power and skill and the way you
turn on your paws to fight in battle. A large and tough warrior is not always one that will beat the small but agile and
quick cat with blade-sharp claws. I teach him all the right battle moves that work for his build and strength and
encourage him along the way.
I teach my apprentice the importance of loyalty and bravery above all. A cat who is loyal to his clan will be the greatest
protector, and will be able to save many lives. I teach him how to fight well, and show respect for others.
My apprentice needs to know how to fight. Fight and if needed, kill. The strongest cats are the cats that will survive
through the harshest conditions and be able to thrive in any circumstance. I teach him that no other cat is greater than
he and that if he tries his very hardest, he will achieve his goals. In battle, he must be fearless. Merciless. He must not
let others be able to beat him.
I teach my apprentice that others come first, and that he needs to be of help to all that need him. I teach him patience
and how to wait for the good things, because they will surely come to one who is good to others. I teach him that if
another his hungry, he must share. If someone is hurt, he must help them.
I teach my apprentice the importance of being optimistic through all situations and to encourage others and be strong.
I teach him how to fight well and to aid his clan-mates in battle when they are being attacked.
I teach my apprentice to never let any weakness show. He must be strong and proud. I teach him how to fight, most of
all, because he must win for his clan in battle. I teach him how to be intimidating. I teach him all of the things that a
deputy would need to know because I expect him to be the strongest cat and he must become the deputy. When I am

Which best describes you?

I am mysterious, and prefer to keep to myself. I only confide in one other than myself, a very close friend for all of the
issues going on. Others do not know me well.
I am strong, and swift on my feet. I believe in sacrificing me needs for the needs of others and loyalty to my clan above
all else.
I am a friend to many, since I am a good listener and I try to understand everyone's problems as well as I can, everyone
likes to come to me when they're upset. I always have some advice and comforting words.
I am filled with courage and the love for my family and those around me. I am always ready to defend those who need
my help.
I care for others when they are hurt. When they are in pain, I find a way to help them and fix their injuries so they can
continue on with clan life.
I am fierce strong. I believe in strength in battle and being the best there can be. Mercy is not an option. To survive,
you must be strong and healthy. You can not show weakness. Mercy is weakness.
I am smaller than others of my age and am underestimated because of this. My fierceness always comes as a surprise
to me enemies who think I am easy to defeat. Small but powerful.
I believe that I can and will be what I want to be. Leader is not too high of a goal. If I show great bravery and prove
myself to others, one day I will become great.
I am always happy and excited for everything. Nothing can weigh me down. I always tend to cheer up those around me
because I am so happy. I am an optimist.
I believe that leading others is a privilege, not a right. I must do the best that I can to set a good example for others
and always offer protection and advice to those who need my help.

You have spotted three enemy clan cats on your clan's side of the border. What are you going to do?

Report to the leader and request to gather a patrol to go confront the cats
Silently stalk them through the trees to try to find out what they are up to before you go and report the matter to the
Approach the cats and hurl insults at them before attacking and clawing them to shreds.
Walk up to them and ask them what they are doing. If they are being unreasonable, you go back to camp quickly and
gather some cats.
Reason with the cats. They are not to harm you, you are a peaceful cat.
Tell the cats they must leave immediately and then head back to camp. You do not want to start any fights.
Attack the cats without any hesitation and make sure they never set paw near your border ever again.
Slowly approach them and warn them by hissing. You fluff yourself up to look a bit bigger and intimidate them.

Now, about you. Yes, the human you. What do you like best out of these, to do in your free time?

I love to read about stuff. Scientific stuff is fun!
I like to play competitive games!
I love just helping out my friends and being there when they need someone to talk to :)
I like to have fun! Just anything, going to the beach, eating snacks, watching movies! Life is supposed to be awesome
so why doesn't everyone just enjoy it
I like to organize group activities and stay up late at night doing things that I need to get done.
I like to go to the gym and work out. I want to be super fit and stuff. I have a few friends who I trust and we are
awesome. We do scary things for the thrill of it.
I love to do anything adventurous. Traveling is fun and it's always great to meet new people!
I spend my time doing things for others, like mowing neighbours lawns or watering people's plants. I just love to be
I am very quiet and keep to myself doing my own things, like browsing the internet or watching movies alone in my
room. It's better that way.
I just like to spend time doing activities with my family and friends :) it's important to spend time with those you care

Where do you want to be?

At the top of a tall building in the city on a moon lit night staring up at the sky :3
I want to be curled up in my warm and comfy bed.
I want to go into a video game or movie and become my favourite character so I can actually experience the battles for
I want to be swimming in a lake with my friends.

Would you be friends with a random stranger if they just asked you to be friends right then?

No way man. That's insanity.
Sometimes, you can make the best friends ever if you just start talking to a random stranger!
If we happen to share the same interests (I'll ask about those before I say yes) then yeah!
If I think you look trustworthy I will accept your offer of friendship.
I love making new friends. Of course I would say yes!

What is your favourite food out of these?

Awesome soup
Junk food
Macaroni and cheese
Mashed potatoes