What Undertale Character are you? (4)

Lol the title says it lap so you shouldn't be reading this like. Why? It makes no sense

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Genocide... Why did you do it?

Chara made me
I wanted to see what would happen
I heard there were hard bosses and I wanted a challenge!
I was recording for YouTube and my fans told me to
I haven't yet
I haven't and I doing plan on it
I had nothing better to do
For fun! I heard it was fun but.... It wasnt
I didn't really want to hurt anyone but I wanted to know so badly!
Because murder is fun!!!!
Because I already did everything
Never! Never never never!!!!!!

What do you do for fun?

Toy with the lives of innocent people
Punish those who toy with everyone's lives
Cook again!
Watch TV
Make fun of people
Feel like garbage...
Take care of the people I care about
I don't find anything fun!
Anything is fun really!

Everyone you love is killed what do you do?

Beat the shit out of whoever did it
Try and forgive
... I would have no choice but to hurt him or her first
Bring it on! I can take him or her!
Obliterate them
Settle it over some tea
I can't do anything can I?
Who cares I hated them!!!!
Kill them horribly
Show them the consequences
Run as fast as possible!

Cinnamon or Bscotch? ((Random chance!!!))


Promise you won't get triggered!

I promise!
I promise!!!!