Which fanfiction LOTR character are you?

Wouldn't it be fun if you could figure out which made up LOTR character you would be? Take this quiz and find out! *These are not actual LOTR characters

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Which of these foods would you try?

Strange pancakes.
Ghost pepper salsa.
A rare fruit.
As long as it's not peppermint, I don't care.
Something that will not gross my girlfriend out.
You couldn't decide, so you went hungry.
A new type of vegetable.
Oh, I wouldn't worry about eating. I'd worry about getting out of here before my bomb goes off!

Where would you like to live?

I like where I live right now!
In the forest, up in the tops of the trees.
An uncharted world that has not been studied yet.
Anywhere, as long as I'm with the people I love :)
Well, I'd like to get married and live somewhere super romantic!
I can't decide! It's too hard!
Someplace quiet where I can think.
A big fortress on top of a mountain infested with terrible creatures that feed on black magic, where I can rule the world!

Look! It's a sale at your favorite store! What would you buy?

A whoopee cushion! Yeah!
Throwing knives so you can kick butt!
A new book on logic.
Something that you can share with your friends.
Flowers for that pretty girl next door.
You can't decide and leave the store with nothing.
Something practical, like a new toothbrush.
Wait! That's not a sale! That's a trap that I set up so that I could capture my enemies!

What would you do at a party?

Make people laugh
Destroy a pinata
Talk with a few friends
Tell inside jokes with your best friends
Flirt with a pretty girl
Sit quietly in the corner, not knowing what to do
Quietly hang out with a few close friends
Wreck the party!

What does your family consist of?

My husband and kids.
My super prissy royal family...and my totally epic cousin who I don't even like half the time, and my kids, and my husband, and, well, I have a big family...
Those who are related to me by marriage? Or by birth? You must be more specific.
Everyone that is dear to me, whether friend or actual family!
All the usual people, plus whichever girl I'm dating at the moment!
My disapproving father...am I a bad son?
Those people that live in my house.
Who needs family?!

You're sibling just broke something of yours. What do you do?

Laugh it off.
Snap at them and get mad.
Explain to them why they should not be in your things and usher them out.
Shrug it off. They mean more to you than the item ever did.
Get upset, leave the house, and do something relaxing with your girlfriend.
Yell at them until they cry, then regret it later.
Push them out, lock the door, and re-hide all of your things.
Get them in trouble. Big trouble.

You and your date are being attacked by a group of sniper orcs! What do you do?

Make your date fight with you and kill all the orcs
Tell your date to run while you kill them all
I don't date. At all.
Yell "You keep away from her!" and protect her with your life - whether she appreciates it or not.
Kill the orcs while showing off with fancy moves.
Debate on who's side you should be on.
Kill all of the orcs before your date can say "What?!"
Side with the orcs and beat up your date - you brought the orcs, and your date is not actually your date. They're on the opposite side.

What is your favorite TV show?

Something hilarious!
An action show!
The animal show in which they attempt to find rare platypi.
Something family friendly.
Something romantic that I can watch with my girlfriend.
A soap opera. It's my life.
I don't watch TV.
The news. I need to know what is going on in the world I'm about to dominate.

When you look in the mirror, you see...

Myself. Duh.
My all too attractive reflection. I hate it.
I see the mirror reflecting my image so that I may observe it.
My horribly scarred face, and my beautiful family :)
I see a dashing man in a tuxedo about to go ask a girl out on a date!
I can't decide...good me? Or bad me?
A stern face that I'm about to use on my rowdy son. :|
I see the face of an evil genius!

What does your teddy bear look like?

What? Teddy bear? I don't, uh...
I hate bears.
My teddy bear is an exact replica of an endangered species.
I'm afraid of teddy bears.
I taped a picture of my girlfriend to my bear.
I don't know whether I see a good looking bear or one that needs a makeover.
I don't do teddy bears.
It's not a teddy bear, it's a bomb!