What do girls see in you?

What do girls see in you?

What are your best traits what do they notice when they see you when they talk to you.

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First day of school what do you do first

Try to find a future girlfriend
Try to find some friends
Run for school president
Make good impressions

Do girls stare at you

Just a their so weird stare
A few
Where ever I go eyes are on me
Once they get to know me they stare at me a

What do you wear

Anything I look hot in
If it fits I'll wear it
Something comfortable
Something on trend
Something related to a book or movie

Do people say your funny

Every now and then
Quite a bit
They don't need to say it I know it

A random girl is walking down the hall you've never seen her, she trips and falls dropping all her stuff

Walk away ignoring it
Laugh with the others
Ask if she's okay
Help her up and pick up her stuff

Your at a date and the girls really bored what do you do to heat it up

Tell her she's pretty
Crack some jokes
Start a conversation about a movie
Flrt and show her my sunglasses
Tell her how to hack a ...

Your girlfriends dog just died you...

Buy her a puppy
Plan a funeral
Let her cry on my shoulder
Make a book about all the good times she had
with her dog
Leave her alone she needs space

Where will you have your first kiss

On a beach
At a super hero convention
At a comedy show or movie
In a bedroom


Nooo I'm a vampire don't kill me
Sun is in sunglasses
*states random facts about the sun*
*jokes about the sun*

How long do you like relationships

A few months
A day
Half a year
A few years