Does he love you back?

This is my first quiz in a long time. I hope you enjoy it! Have fun a comment so I can see what you get!

published on May 12, 20177 responses 0

How often do you talk to him?

Alot he laughs at my jokes and and I laugh
at his!
Nope I'm just too shy and he doesent seem
that into me.
Yes sometimes but we don't laugh as often or really talk but we talk.

What's his personality like?what's does he act like around you?

Shy. Observant. Emo.
Smart.bubbley. funny.
So-so. Bored. Friendly.

Do you do anything together? Like what?

Yes we lock eyes often and chat and play around a lot.
We do homework together...if that counts..

Have you ever...

Held hands?
Stood close?

What do you do when your crush passes you in the hall?

Say hello.
Walk by him.