Which Harry Potter character are you? (10)

In this quiz you will find out whitch of the characters from the magical world of Harry Potter you are. Enjoy.

published on June 08, 20159 responses 2 3.0★ / 5

If you had the choice, whitch Hogwarts house would you be in?

not Slitherin
whatever house my father was in
Griffindor, but Ravenclaw wouldn't be bad either
I hope I get Griffindor
Slitherin, duh
I'm not sure, they're all pretty good, ecept for Slitherin

Dumbledore or Voldemort?

that's obvious, because I am Voldemort
Dumbledore, duh
obviously Dumbledore, I'm not a Slitherin
definetly not Voldemort

Muggle family?

ew, gross
whatever my father thinks
that's me
My best friend is from a muggle family
One of my friends is from a muggle family
Wizards/Witches from muggle familys are just as good as those who are pure bloods

Would you play quiditch?

yes, and I'd be the seeker
yes, my dad would buy my way onto the quiditch team
I'll cheer for my team, but I won't play
I cheer for a team that's playing


sadly I can't be the one to kill you
you kiddnapped me
I will suport my friends in killing you
I am lord Voldemort
Go Voldemort