witch warrior cat are u?

do u wonder witch warrior cat u are? well this is the quiz where you find out! also this is the first quiz I've ever made so please like it. i'ts actually warriors I made up so don't be mad if u get a name that's not in the books

published on November 29, 201511 responses 4
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your clan is being attacked what do u do?

get herbs ready in your den incase anyone gets hurt
stay calm and protect your clan.
panic a little but still fight for your clan.

your just a kit and u want to explore but u don't want to get in trouble. what do u do?

should I? maybe not i'll get in a lot of trouble besides im just a kit.
hmmmmmm...... sure why not!!!!???? I mean I may just be a kit but it wouldn't hurt just to look right?
I guess I could go that is if my brother and sister are coming.
I shouldn't. I would get into so much trouble! my mother would be so mad!

your given the offer to join a clan of outsiders. your not sure what to do.- your mind - should I? hmmmmmm......

- your mind- no I shouldn't![ you decline their offer and go back to sorting herbs]
- your mind - of course I should! i don't know why but I should! I mean why not?[ you accept their offer and are now a member of their clan]
- your mind - my leader is horrible! why wouldn't I join? they seem a lot nicer[ u accept their offer]
- your mind - no I could never! I would be betraying my clan! [ u decline the offer and slash the youngest ones face with your little claws and run off quickly before the kill u for doing that ]

its your first gathering. you follow close to your mother and sit down with the other apprentices when u get to the gathering. you see a cat from another clan and fall in love with her/him instantly.

[ you meet with them in secret knowing u can never tell them how u feel ]
hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm...........nope!.... or maybe. hmmmmmm....
i cant. it would mean betraying my clan. maybe we can be friends?

your hunting and u see something in the distance. u got to check it out but it runs away. u go over to where it was and see a dead cat lying next to a deep cliff. u relize the cat is from your clan and wonder how they got killed. there's rustling in a bush behind u. u turn around only to see a cat jumping at u claws unleashed trying to push u down the cliff. u have to think fast. what do u do?

im a medicine cat! i don't hunt or fight.
duck down so the fly right over me and into the cliff. then if they survive by any chance by catching a hold of the ledge or something i knock them down to their doom.
grab a hold of their tail while their in the air and pull them to the ground. then give them a scar as a warning to stay out of your teritory
move out of the way and run back to camp but first catch some prey .

the deputy was killed and now you have been chosen as the new one.

i would love to be deputy! thank u.
OMG!!!!!!!! really?!?! me?!?!
ummm.... i don't know i im ready for this but...... sure?
i would be honored to be the deputy!! thank you so much! YAY!!!

you have died now and are on your way to...

starclan. maybe there i can find love. its not the clans when i was alive so of course its going to be different. maybe.....
hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. idk. dark forest maybe?
of course starclan!!!!! or maybe dark forest....this is tough
starclan. i have served my clan well and deserve to join starclan.

what did u think o this quiz? [ its my first quiz so plz nothing mean. i worked really hard on this ]

it was good
it was horrible!!!!!!!!!!!!
i think it was wonderful for a first quiz
i loved it