What is your candy bar personality?

Ever wanted to know what kind of candy bar you were and why? Well now you will be able to know if you take this quiz, enjoy!

published on February 08, 201515 responses 7 2.0★ / 5

Are you a fancy or laid back person?

laid back and cozy type
fancy out of town every weekend
laid back and lazy
at the mall every weekend

Do you have any guy friends?

no all the guys in my school are losers
yeah I have a few cute guy friends
no I think guys have germs
yes I am dating a guy from my class

Do you care what people think of you?

yes I want them to think of me as smart and pretty
no I am just myself and if they don't like me oh well
yes they should like me because I am awesome
no they should just appreciate me for who I am

What do you like in a guy?

he has to be cute and spoil me
he would be funny and sweet
he will respect me
he will be loving and caring

How do you hang out?

with friends on the weekend
at home with my family
with my boyfriend and my girlfriends
at parties and in the alleys