Are you Smart or Stupid?

Are you Smart or Stupid?

Hello have you ever wondered if you were apart of the smart nerds or the stupid kids? Well then you will now when you take this quiz, so stop reading and get on with the quiz! THIS QUIZ IS SCIENTIFICALLY PROVEN TO BE 110% CORRECT.

published on August 13, 201459 responses 12 4.2★ / 5

Let's start off with a simple question: Whats 1+1

Erm... 2?
haha I know this its window isn't it this is a little trick question
This is most definitely... 2 ! :D wait maybe its window? ...err idk?

How many days does it take for the earth to rotate the sun?

1 Second lemme go search google
Seriously your starting it off like this? obviously 132903482304723897 days LIKE HELL I KNOW.
I learnt this in science what was it... oh yeah it was 365 and a quarter days

Would you kill someone for a billion dollars,pounds ext.. (This has no effect on your overall answer ) OFCOURSE IT DOES

No way (MAYBE)

A farmer has seventeen cows all but eight die. How many cows does the farmer have left? (Please think carefully about this one)

No comment.

Do you feel stupid?

Don't know

Do you read?

Do comic books/manga count?

So bored any ideas for questions?

It's your quiz -.-
IM bored to

why can’t our mind tell the difference between hungry & bored?

I honestly don't know
Because your hungry when your bored? I guess (MADE UP BTW)