What LPS Mascot are you?

What LPS Mascot are you?

This test is to reveal what your true mascot is! I hope you will be happy with whatever LPS you get :) All LPS are great so don’t worry if you did not get the LPS you wanted :)))

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What would you do if you had a day with no activities planned?

Do some excersise!
Hang out with friends!
Sleep of course.

What color would you choose?

I don’t mind! I love all the colors

What hairstyle would you choose?

Pony tail
Let my hair loose! I NEED TO BE FREE!
Whatever is comfortable
A braid

What food would you choose?

Gimme sum burgers and chips
Whatever smells good to me!
Anything healthy!

What is your dream holiday?

A cruise ship!
Time with family and friends
Whatever is the cheapest
Hot days at the beach!

Finish this sentence- An Apple a day...

Keeps the doctor away.. duh
To be honest.. I think I might have an apple now..

Pick a word that you can relate to:

Rainbow poops
School and education

What would you do if someone fell and broke their leg?

*Run away*
Call around for help!
Stand in shock! :o
Call an ambulance! DUHH!