How well do you identify with Pagan spirituality?

How well do you identify with Pagan spirituality?

Take this quiz to determine if your personality spiritually aligns with Pagan beliefs.

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Overall, do you feel like you are different from most people?

Kind of.

Do you feel like you don't quite fit in?

Eh, not really, I don't know
Nah, I'm pretty popular

Do your interests seem to veer away from typical interests?

Sort of

Are animals easily drawn to you?

Oh yeah, animals love me
I'm not sure, maybe a little
Not at all

Do you find peace with nature?

A little

Do you find comfort in the dark?

Actually, yes
No, that's kind of weird

Do you dislike crowds?

Yes, I like to have my own space.
It varies
No way, I love people.

Do you rely on or trust your intuition?

All the time.
What's intuition?

Are you curious or fascinated about death and what follows it?

This is actually a pretty common speculation of mine.
I've pondered it.
These questions are getting weirder and weirder.

Do you enjoy learning something new or are always looking for the opportunity to learn?

Always. Knowledge is a valuable thing.
It depends on the subject.
No, not really.

Can you feel energy or sense something that others may not? (Example: You can sense it if you're being stared at)

Yes, this comes in handy sometimes.
I don't know, but I am pretty observant.
No, I wouldn't say I've ever sensed anything like that.

Can you read other's emotions and body language or sense tension within a place when you walk in?

Yes, I feel like it really helps me to know how to handle a situation.
I don't know, but like I said, I'm pretty observant.
I'm not sure what this means.

Have you ever been curious about practices such as astrology, tarot, or natural healing?

Yes, I love to learn about things like that.
I've always found that horoscopes are strangely accurate, but I haven't really looked into it.
That's not really my cup of tea.

Do you feel connected with nature?

Definitely, I feel like I'm a whole different person when I can just observe nature and be at peace.
I enjoy the outdoors, but I don't know about feeling a "connection"
I don't really go outside too much. It's not really my thing.

Do you like to wear black?

All the time. I feel more comfortable in that color.
Not really black, but I have a lot of dark clothing.
No way, I like to have some color

Do you prefer silver over gold?

Yes, it's a much finer metal in my opinion.
Now that you mention it, I do happen to like silver. Gold is nice too. It's a draw.
I'm definitely a gold person.

Do you enjoy collecting things?

I have too many knick-knacks to count.
I have a few collections.
No, I'm more of a minimalist.

Are you an animal person?

Of course!
I like certain animals.
Nah, I wouldn't say I am.

Do you own any unusual decorative items that others may see as a "conversation piece"?

Definitely, I have a lot of oddities.
I don't know, I have a couple of unusual things.
No, I wouldn't say so.

Are you drawn to or fascinated by unusual decorative items?

Of course, that's why I have so many.
It depends on the object, really.
Nah, some of them can be a little weird.

Are you observant?

Yes, definitely
Not really

Do you respect boundaries of others?

Of course
A little
I haven't really thought about it.

Are you attracted to quirky, interesting, or unusual people?

Yes, I feel like these types of people are great to have around.
I'd say a few of my friends are quirky.
I like to hang with the popular crowd, honestly.

Can you keep a secret?

Yes...only after telling a few people
I try, but I can't if I'm being real with you.

Do you enjoy storms and heavy rain?

It's only one of my favorite things.
I like the rain, but not the storms.
Sunny days are more my thing.

Do you enjoy observing the moon and stars but aren't quite sure why?

Yes! The night sky is such a mysterious thing.
Now that you mention it, the night sky is pretty interesting.
I like to sleep fam

Do you unintentionally observe other natural elements such as fire, water, or other extreme weather/natural disasters?

Honestly, yes. It's kind of an obsession.
I mean I think a few things like that are cool to watch.
It's a no from me, I'd be running.

Did you feel a connection with yourself as you were thinking about the answers to these questions?

Actually, yes.
Sort of, I definitely learned a bit more about myself.
They were just questions.