Which Ice Cream Flavor Are You? (1)

Nutty, Sweet, Sour? These traits can identify which ice cream flavor you are!

published on July 25, 201421 responses 0 3.8★ / 5

The talent show's coming up! What do you do?

I'll just sit in the audience. No need to make a fool of myself...
Do a big production and at the end you'll make rainbows with mist!
Play music on a boom box and invite your BFF to dance on stage with you!
Make your own little circus!

It's picture day! What outfit do you choose?

Your school colors plus a BFF necklace your friend gave you!
A t-shirt and jeans. It's not a party after all!
A clown costume! An afro, big floppy shoes you know, a typical clown suit!
All the colors of the rainbow! [I made the school bag myself]

What's your dream birthday party?

A trip to a sanctuary for exotic butterflies then eating cake in a cruise ship on the Caribbean!
A sleepover with a couple of close friends then going to an ice cream shop!
Some presents and a break from school!
A birthday that is so crazy and extravagant that no one could explain it!

How would you describe yourself?

A wallflower kind of person

What's your favorite color?

Every color that's been invented! [Except for dark colors]
I don't know, I can never settle on just one...
Colors that help me blend in
Magenta or blue

How many people do you usually hang out with?

No one. [Sniff, sniff]
A couple of close friends!
Everyone except for people who follow fashion trends!