What element are you? (11)

What element are you? (11)

What is your element fire, water, earth, or air? Find out by taking my quiz ^_^

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Where would you go on vacation?

The beach where it's calm
I dont care as long as i have fun
With all my friends to the movies
My house where i can hang out with my family

What is your favorite season?

Summer where you can have fun in the sun
Spring where flowers grow and everything is pretty
Fall where the trees look their best
Winter where everywhere is a winter wonderland

What is your fashion style?

(Classy) You want to dress looking your best!
Whatever, as long as i get to where SOMETHING!
(Casual) Dress for you, be comfortable!!!
(Chic) Trendy clothing and what is hot this week. Want to stay modern
and new!

What would you do if someone was bullying your friend?

Talk with the bully make them solve everything out!
Fight them! Give them a piece on your mind!
Tell an adult.
"Hey Dont Mess With My Buddy"! I would have said that

What would you eat?

Anything! I love food
BBQ wings

Who did you think you got?