what under tale character are you? (1)

see what under tale character you are you . WARNING SPOILER ALERT warning

published on January 29, 201621 responses 6 3.0★ / 5

if you had to fight a monster and say a f r a z e what would it be

in this world its KILL or br KILLED
this is a ton of work
oh yes
I love pasta

this quiz.is it good

come on b*** and h u r y up I want to see my an s e r
I will fight you
my legs say no or yes
I will kill you
I will always kill u if you do not move on
I dot care I love my child
I am a l eg a n d e r y god so I skip time

do you want to kick ass

yeah of co r s e!
I always kick ass
I kick ass
no my child
it is...
I like pasta
look at dem legs there so amazing
duh I tem e



me is a game