How good of friends would you and I be???

Just find out of we can be future bffs... We can even have a lemonade sale someday... :P

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You get invited to a sleep over at mine. You bring...

a blanket, 24 pillow pets, 7 stuffed animals, a couple bags of chips, 6 2-liter bottles of soda and four family members to help
you get it to the door.
A blanket, a movie of your choice, and some cheetos, along with the homemade cookies you had baked earlier.
OMG! A sleepover? You make a list of stuff you want to do, but only bring a blanket. Your in a house - they have everything else, right?
a bag full of stuffed animals, a party size chip pack, some tortillas - everyone craves the ones your mom makes - and a pack of recently made friendship bracelets.

Someone at the sleepover throws a HUGE fit. You...

try a couple comforting words, then give up. Oh, well. They'll get over it. Right?
stay there FORever and don't leave until everyone else has. OMG, does anyone care?
Stay for a while, but leave after you get kind of fed up. Ugh.
Stay for a mili-second, but go back to the movie we were watching.

Dinner time! What's on your plate?

hamburgers and fries.
a taco and soda.
a large slice of pizza and chips.
PB and J. Can't have anything else.

Bedtime! You...

snooze off.
start snoring loudly, and grunt.
whisper until you fall asleep.
suck your thumb.

In the morning, you...

pack up and walk home.
brush and stay for breakfast.
stay, but refuse breakfast. Politeness counts, right?
Stay until lunch, then get forced home.

The next day at school...

you gossip all about it!
you spread a rumor of it. You have a grudge against some girl.
You only answer questions about it - not bragging.
Going around bragging - i got invited, you didn't!