What monster are you? (3)

What monster are you? (3)

This quiz will determine wich kind of monster you are. Are you a mermaid a dragon a manbat or some other creature.

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Someone in your school is getting bullied non-stop everyday one day while you're walking to your class you find this certain someone getting beat up again in the hallway what do you do

I'll join in and laugh at his pain.
It's not right but it's not even
really my problem so why
should I do anything about it.
(I wait for the bully to get done
and after he leaves I go and
steal all the cash from the
already roughed up kid.)
That's one of my family
members how dare that idiotic
brute touch my relatives I'll
show him not to mess around
with my loved ones! (You ram
the other kid staight into a wall
breaking multiple bones and
sending him to the hospital.)
That's not right you shouldnt
treat anyone like that! (You
stand in front of the bully and
tell him to back off you don't
want to hurt anyone but if you
have to you will.)
That is one of my relatives
friends how dare he even look
in their general direction! He
has gone too far! The only
thing holding you back was
that the fact that the person
that was getting beat up was
someone that you cared about
and they desprately didn't want
you to fight and get hurt but
the attacker suddenly knocks
them out and suddenly there's
no one silently begging you
with their eyes not to get
involved. (You go and break
the jerks jaw and try as you
might you can't seem two tear
his soul in two by glaring into
his eyes. So you go for the next
best thing and start breaking
as many bones in his body as
you can all the while the
teachers try to pry you away
from the poor boys quivering
body and bloodied body!)
That's my crush how dare that
insignificant little worm touch
a hair on their perfect head! I
am going to end his pitiful
existence! Finally you have
found who has been messing
with your beloved and for once
there are no witnesses that
can get to you quick enough to
stop you from atempting
murder. (You go over and
smash his face into the ground
with a blood curdling raor of
fury! screaming and kicking he
tries to get away but you are
too fast and you break at least
4 of his ribs with well-placed
and very hard kicks to his side!
Luckily for him a random
teacher was slacking off
around the hall and heard his
cries for help and he comes
running to help him and try to
drag you away from his barely
breathing body while you
attempt to claw your way back
and choke him into the next

What creature would you like to be?


Are you greedy and be honest with me okay?

No I just know that whatever I
have is mine and none else's in
fact why can't I have everything
I want it's most likely wasted
on others.
Certainly not! I do not care for
any material objects.
My family is the only thing that
matters to me.
No well I hate sharing my the
people I love with other people
does that count?
No I don't I only wish to spend
time with my friends and my
spouse. Mabe listen to a few
songs together.
I'm pretty sure if I was greedy I
would have a whole lot of stuff
to care about and I just don't
have the time for that.
No I'm not greedy but if it
makes others sad I will take
whatever they have and make
it my own.

What would you rather do.

I like to sing and listen to
I like spending time with my
I like cheating on my
boyfriend/ girlfriend and
stealing their stuff.
I like fighting others just for the
heck of it.
I like to go out and helping
people it makes me feel better
knowing that I have helped
someone in life.
I don't really like strangers but I
do love my family and friends
and all of their friends so I like
to make them happy in any
way possible.
I like going out and
adventuring doing whatever I
want to do without anyone to
tell me different.

What superpower would you want to have the most?

Breathe fire
Hypnotize people with my
Have magic
Never be able to die
To be able to change my shape
Be able to mind link with my

What is your personality.


What is your favorite colore?


What is your favorite animal?