Which ThunderClan cat are you? (1)

Which ThunderClan cat are you? (1)

Taking this quiz will let you find out which warrior cat from ThunderClan you are.

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RP! A fire breaks out in the camp! You know exactly what to do, having been prepared because of this dry season. Do you-

Gather herbs and get ready to help cats
Run to the nursery to help kits and queens
Instruct cats where to go
Try to make your way out of camp
Attempt to help any cat in sight

You are in love with a cat in another Clan. What do you do?

Visit often when nobody is around but stay loyal to your Clan.
Ha-ha. I can't fall in love with anyone! I'm a medicine cat.
Save a place in your heart for them, but stay true to your Clan.
I don't really have my eye on anyone specific..
GO WITH THEM. It's true love..

You decide to go hunt with a friend. Who do you go with?

My mate, of course.
I think I'll go alone.
My best friend!
Maybe a good friend and Leafpool..
Hmm.. How about... Nobody. I don't hunt, I sort herbs.

What color should your pelt be?

Maybe a ginger color
A gray shade, or silver
A tabby pattern

Pick a personality that suits you in real life.


Pick a cat {This doesn't determine which cat you are}

Half Moon

Pick a Disney movie

The Little Mermaid
Oliver and Company
The Lion King
The Jungle Book

Pick a Warriors series

Dawn of the Clans
The First Series
The New Prophecy
Power of Three
A Vision of Shadows

Okay! RP, again! You are at the river and a strange scented cat comes up to you. His expression is unreadable. What do you do?

Ask him who he is and why he is on your territory
Flirt. Then- fight.
Stare back at him until he leaves.
Challenge him!
Say a quick hello, and run off to tell your Clan

During the Gathering, a fight breaks out between your Clan and WindClan about prey. What do you do?

Argue along with ThunderClan. After all, you're right!
Sit and listen to the two Clans argue over nothing.
You try to reason with the leader of WindClan.
Continue fighting, even though you know StarClan is angry.
Try to calm everyone down.

Pick an apprentice you like the most


Now, pick a song you either know or like

7 Years Old
Kid In A Candy Store

Now lastly, choose a Broadway musical!

Hamilton (<3)
Les Miserables
The Phantom of the Opera