what video game character ru?!

hello guyz! now u know i like to make video games just look at my last 2 profile pics zero from megaman x and cynthia from le pokemon! anyway i want you guyz to see what video game characters are u?! and btw NO MARIO cuz i hate it but bowser is cool

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first are u a girl or boy?

do i LOOK like a girl?!
a girl DUH!
i am a girl
a boy i mean blue quills!
a boy mouseBRAIN!

your bff is about to die D: what do u do?

no! he's the love of my life! O,O he....he...
NO! :jumps in to save mai bff:
:runs supah fast and helps mai bff
garchomp GO kill that son of a bi*ch whos gonna kill my bff!

i liek pie!

meah its k
WHAT?! twoleg food?!?! BLEAH!
umm i can't eat pie.... O,O i am a robot!

your love just asked u on a date what do u say?

YEAH she loves me anyway!
i have no love cuz i don have time (me: good for u!)
umm YEAH! he's so hot! (me: ok..)
i have no loves its just me and my pokemon no time for boys!
i have a mate O,O and 3 kids but ones dead cuz my STUPID other son killed him!

someone knocks on ur door and u open it and the guy pulls out a gun wadda doh?

smash his face with mai BEAM SABER!
umm he he we can discuss this later :slams the door in his face and calls the police:
claw him to DEATH!
secertly throw my spirtomb and make it eat his soul
speed behind him at the speed of light

crap flight 370 crashed what do u do?

ugh not storm eagle ):I
ohh gawd


aww so cute!
umm blaze?

who's ur bff?

ASH of corse! :blushes:
MEGAMAN he's mai bff but i can't tell u HOW many times i saved his ass
tails i guess (sorry sonic fans i don't know so much 'bout sonic fell free to correct
hmm now that i think about it i don't rlly have one.

would u kill ur self for the fate of the world

umm yeah..
yeah DUH!
umm nope.

did u enjoy the quiz?!

YEAH! (me: thanks!)
it was good (me: good)
its horrible! (:me: points a megablaster at u)
its k (me:ok i will try and do better next time
great! (me: glad u like it!)