WWFY- Sonic RolePlay!

WWFY- Sonic RolePlay!

If you are bored you can just take my quiz to do a little roplaying! I am new but for some reason i already found out how to do a bunch of things! Lol i hipe you enjoy! ;)

published on November 07, 201489 responses 16 4.7★ / 5

Your sitting/laying on the couch watching TV, you hear your stomach growling and go get something 2 eat. You go up 2 ur room, suddenly when you open the door 2 ur room a portal appears, you scream and you get sucked in.

Oh no! Whats happening!? (Me: you'll
:o OMG!

You end up in a strange world, then you see a huge house! You run quickly 2 it, you knock on the door. A blue Hedgehog answers it. Hi. He says. Who are you? He asks you. __. You say.

He seems kinda cute ...
OMG i know who it is!
Soo is he gonna let me in or ... What? (Me: be patient!)

May i come in? You ask the blue hedgehog. Sure. He says. I am Sonic btw (by the way). Ok thx. You say. Once you came in you saw a whole bunch of other hedgehogs. A red and black one, a white one, and a purple and black one. (I dont have my OC because i use my phone since my conputer is broke) (purple an black are my colors!)

Yay new people!
Who are these people?
... Who the hell are these people?

Hi! The purple and black hedgehog says. Welcome! Whats your name? __. You say. Well hi __! The purple and black hedgehog introduces you 2 everyone else including her. The red and black one is Shadow he is a grump so dont mind him! The white one is Silver he is really nice! And the blue one i think u know him already which is Sonic, and i am Katlyn!

I like the white one ...
The blue one seems nice!
Lol the grump seems hot!

Thats the end of part 1 i guess you will have 2 c wat happens next! Did you like? And also who do you think u will get?

I loved it! PLZ make the part 2 now! Also i think i will get Silver!
It was ok. I think i might get Sonic tho ...
Horrible! You suk! Dont ever make anymore! I want Shadow Btw!