FNaF RPG Episode 2: Learning some from robots

FNaF RPG Episode 2: Learning some from robots

As you learn that the animatronics do roam, you realize Mike was right. Freddy's head moved! Now learn some more that you wouldn't expect!

published on December 07, 201461 responses 7 5.0★ / 5

Freddy:"Don't wor-wor-worry!" Bonnie: "We won't hur-hur-hurt you!" Chica: "yea!"

Jake: "OMG!"
Jake: "Tell me more!"

Bonnie: "Mike wa-wa-was thae janitor that stuff-uf-uffed us into theses suits!" Chica: "Yes! We will he-he-elp you!"

Jake: "Ok…"
Jake: "Umm.. Sure!"

-A thief busts in through kitchen window- Freddy: "Don't worry Ja-ja-jake! I got this!" -Freddy walks into kitchen-

Jake: "Oh God. That thief is dead now."
Jake: "Go get em' Freddy!"

-Screams and Freddy's jingle is heard from the kitchen-

Jake: "I was right. He is doomed."
Jake: "Daaang. Yea Freddy!"

-Freddy walks back- Bonnie: "When we were moved we were to roam to keep it safe. Only the engi-engi-engineers know that."

Jake: "Huh."
Jake: "So if we cooperate, we can keep the pizzeria safe!"

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