Which YouTuber would punch you in the face?

Some people like to say 'Which YouTuber would kiss/be your boyfriend ;)' I want to know which YouTuber would b!tchsmack like the idiot I am. Take the quiz now!

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What's your biggest pet peeve?

Boy humor (Farts, butts, ew...)
D!c Pics
Toy Dogs
Babies crying
Monotone people
Loud People
SJWs (Social Justice Warriors)
Not much bothers me. I try to be understanding

What's your favorite thing on this list?

Using ALL the memes!!! JK LOL FML OMFG LMAO HAHA (That will NEVER get old!!!)
Virgin drinks
Silly and stupid doggies
Clean and Organizing
A good joke and a funny story!

Would you ever go vegan?

Pft! Na, I don't give a sh!t about my health
Pft! Na, screw animals! Meat is great!
Pft! Na, I'll never get tired of bacon!
Sure, I guess.
Yea! I want to be that asshole!

What's the worst YouTube channel type?

Sellouts. People who are only in for the money!!!
Girls that are super quirky or strange.
Fail videos. Who wants to see someone get hurt?
Stupid girls with big boobs and rocking bodies! You need more than a pretty face!
Fake feminists! "GIRLS RULE!" You're fighting a won battle b!tches!
Rants or thoughts from the YouTuber. Make a damn sketch instead of just talking to a camera!
Youtube Whores! Are you kidding me with your stupid acting?
Scripted comedy! If you're going to write jokes before hand don't make it crap! Mmkay?
Gross food taste test. Who wants to watch you vomit!? Yuck!

What's your least favorite type of comedy?

Butt/fart/penis/poop/burp/vomit Humor
Insulting Jokes
Dirty Jokes

What is the ugliest feature on a human listed?

Physical attraction isn't really that important to me.
Sweat pants. Put some care into it!
Thick glasses.
Lots of dyed colors in the person's hair.
A little color in the person's hair.
Bushy facial hair.
Swept Bieber hair.
An unshaven vagina.

What YouTuber do you LOVE!!!

Rosanna Pansion

Which YouTuber would you want to punch most?
(I know cheap question but if you want to punch them likely they want to punch you!)

Dan Howell
Grace Helbig
Jenna Mourey
Felix Kjellberg
Mamrie Hart
Gaby Dunn
Tyler Oakly
I got no beef with them! I don't want to start punching!
To be honest I barley know these people. Sorry.