Does Justin Bieber like you ? ( Girls only )

Girls at my school really love him and it's like they are obsessed with him and his songs and boys *back off* and does he like you ?

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Do you like Justin Bieber ?

Yes!!!! Eeekkkk!!!! I hope he likes me!!!!
I don't care
No!!!! I hate him!!!! And he's ugly stupid and I hate his songs!!!! Especially Baby Baby!!!! Uggh!!!!

What's your favorite Justin Bieber Song ?

What do you mean ?

Are you gorgeous ?

Everyone says that!!!!
Not really!!!!
No!!!! I'm a girl that is so ugly!!!!

Do you go to his concerts ?

Yes!!!! I love them!!!!

What row then ?

Front or the middle rows!!!!
Back rows ( bummer )
I told you I don't go to his concerts!!!!

He asked if you liked this!!!! Do you ?

Yes!!!! I'll definitely rate this!!!!
I guess
It's stupid!!!! No!!!!