are you a rat phannie or a clown phannie?

there's 2 types of phannies: rats and clowns. which one are you? find out in this quiz. maybe you're even the rare breed called clownrats but probably not.

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my home
my only love
I use instagram

dan or Phil

dan or Phil
what is you talking about

who's stinky


you like some music

yes I love a bunch of bands I could tell
you about them they're great they
brought out new music please listen to
my music recommendations please
musics more like not because I donut
please stop with the quiz it's useless
you're not funny

your phone's gallery is filled with...

photos of yourself
reaction pictures and memes
it's as empty as my heart
photos of my favourite people

got some theories on Phil's new vid

yes a lot I know exactly what's going to
thicc and l o n g what does that mean???
I'm so confused Phil
I'm scared


love it it is my only hobby
I got no time for that
I eat yes I do