Girly girl or Tom boy?

This quiz will tell you who you truly are. It will tell you not only who you are, but what you don't need to change about yourself. Take this quiz and it will revile the truth about you.

published on September 28, 201429 responses 8 4.5★ / 5

what would you do if someone punched you? Would you sit and cry, fight back or defend yourself with calm words?

Fight back
sit and cry
defend yourself with calm words

Your mother gets you this really ugly dress what do you do and what do you say what do you think of?

i don't want to hurt their feelings so i will just keep it to myself.
i tell them that it is not in your size even though it is and your mother gets you a size smaller and you never wear it
tell them the truth
tell them you don't like the dress and say you will wear it any way.

What do you do when you see a bug?

you pick it up while it is still alive and play with it or put it outside or put it in the garbage.
You scream till you loose your voice.

when a really big occasion comes what would you wear?

a cute stylish pink dress with loads of bright make up
a dress with black high tops and a little bit of make up
IDK whatever the occasion is
a black dress with boots and black eye liner, masscare, eye shadow, and whatever color blush

what is your favorite color?


what kind of music do you like?


what would your reaction be when a sibling or family member bugs you?

phisicaly hurt them and tell them if they ever did that again you would hurt them even more
you stay calm and tell them to please stop
go to a more quit room and ignore them

how easily do you get mad?

not easy
not at all

how quick do you get dressed?

in one second
it takes forever to pick something out

If you have a day off of work or school and you have nothing to do, what would you do and who would you do it with?

You would play a sport or play video games with another tom boy or with a boy.
Go hiking with old people who walk.

do you care what your hair looks like?

yes i brush my hair all the time and i play with it and i put it into this cute style.
no i just leave it down no matter what
a little bit yeah
IDK i always put my hair the same way everyday

what do you want your results to be?

Girly girl
tom boy

do you like painting your nails?

absolutly not
i love painting my nails
nither of these