Your Dating Simulation

You and your crush are trapped in a room with no way to escape. Find out how you would respond.

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You are trapped in a room with (your crush's name). You see a shadowy figure. You don't know anybody is in there until you say "Who's there?". He says his name. How do you respond?

You: "Oh. Its me (your name)
Him: "Hey."
You: "Oh."
Him: (shruggs)
You: "Ughh! You"
Him: "Okk...."
You: "Hey."
Him: "Hi."

He stands up. You stand your ground. He walks closer to you. You take a deep breath. He is getting closer to you. How do you respond?

You: "What are you doing?"
Him: "I dont know." (He kisses you)
You: "Woa. What are you doing?"
Him: "Uhh. Nothing" (He backs off)
You: "Get back!"
Him: "Gee! Ok!"
You: "Yea. Ok."
Him: "Yea"

He kisses you. How do you respond?

You think: "YES!!!! Two kisses. He toatally likes me!
He thinks: "I think she like me... YES!!!"
You think: "What just happened"
He thinks: "Man I wish I didn't do that"
You slap him.
You: "ok..."

He asks you if you are ok.

You: "Yea I'm fine but were stuck in this incredibly small room."
Him: "Yea. I totally forgot about that. I've had my mind stuck on you"
You: "Well... Um. I don't know. We are trapped in this room. I just hope we get out."
Him: "Yea."
You: "No you freak!"
You: "Well... I just want to get out of here."
Him: "Yea."

He tries to find a way out. "Sorry I think we might be in here for a while..." he frowns.

You: "Its ok. Its not your fault were trapped in this room. At least I have company."
Him: "Yea. And my company is the most beautiful of them all."
You: "Yea. But I'm not giving up just yet."
Him: "Me neither"
You: "You give up way to fast"
Him: "Are you kidding me??? I looked for 1 hour while you sat on your butt."
You: Your huddled in a corner rocking yourself. You say "Hungry, walls closing in, food."
Him: "Do you need help???"

All of the sudden a car comes crashing through the room. You both duck and cover you head. You can escape now.

You: "I don't want to leave. I feel really close to you"
Him: "Yea, I dont want to leave either. Do you want to go out sometime?"
You: "Yes! We can escape now"
Him: "Yea"
You: "Goodbye freak. See you in the next life! BYE!!!"
Him: "Yea see you in the next life. Oh wait! I'm going to heaven!"
You: "Free now!!!!" You go running into the sun.
Him: "What????"

What do you want to get?

He loves you
He hates you
You two are not seeing eye to eye
You two are in the friend zone

Why did you take this quiz?

I want to know if I can handle this situation
You totally love him
You can't stand him but you really do like him
You dont know why

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I could care less

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