Which video game is right for you?

Which video game is right for you?

If you don't know what video game to play, take this quiz to see and if you check the game on your results comment and tell me if you like it.

published on May 29, 201442 responses 15 4.0★ / 5

What kind of games do you like?

Horror or gory
Emotional or good plotted
Strategy or puzzle

Have you heard of portal or minecraft?

I heard of one/both of them
nope, none of them

What type on characters do you lie?

ones i can connect with
Pretty ones
ones that have back story to make the game interesting

What story line appeals to you most?

A girl looking for her father
A girl with a not normal ability
A guy looking after a girl in an Apocalypse
A guy in a world, alone, having to survive by collecting stuff
A women having no one to count on but a power mad A.I and a very special gun

What personality should a main character have, in your opinion?

Determined, outgoing, silent but smart
Vengeful, Violent, Cunning but sweet

What names for video game characters do you like most?

Clementine, GLaDOS, Jodie, Aurora
Steve, Chell, Lee, Aya

What gets you into a game soon as you start it up?

Short but sweet introduction
good opening screen
good plot starter
appealing characters
good soundtrack

How long should a video game be?

about 1-3 weeks long
1-5 months long
1-5 hours long