What kind of Warrior are you?

What kind of Warrior are you?

Are you a Samurai, Viking, or Paladin Who knows. Take the quiz to find out!

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Whats more important: Honor or Family?

Family, Honor, and home.

How do you deal with your enemies?

With an ambush that leaves one or no survivors.
However my God(s) tell me
A fireball or freezing. Maybe conjuring a skeleton army..?
Mercilessly! No one stands in
my way!
However i want to!

A friend/ally/family member is in trouble! You...

Send a familiar or a spirit ally to help them.
Set out immediantly to aid
Gather the forces and prepare a raid.
Slaughter those that would
dare such a cowardly act!
Pray, then gather my own allies
to lend a hand

You are surrounded, with no possibility of escape. You...

Lay my arms down and hope
for parlay.
Fight on to the last man! I will
die before i surrender!
Try to sneak away. No need to die a sensless death.
Conjure a demon in a last-ditch effort. Let them feel the wrath of the void!
Lead the charge! Hell awaits
them all!

You're going to die soon. Your surrounded, your army broken, beaten, and in retreat. You...

Try to trick my way out of it.
Commit suicide. I refuse to let
them capture me.
Fight untill i truly die! More
honor to my name!
Try to use what little Magikka left to try to save whoever you can/yourself.
Look to the skies. Im finaly
going to paradise!

You are dead now. Where are you?

Hell! More foes to fight!
Dont know. It depends if I was a blood user or a healer.
Heaven! I am at peace.
Hell, I dunno. Just better have some trees or something.
Valhalla! I have songs sung
about me!