What will you be in highschool?

when you answer these ,you will have a perfect high school year but only it wont be like the internet.

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What will you be in highschool?

What do u do during class?

Pay attention and write everything down.
Be on you phone checking votes.
Listen but talk

What do you do during free time?

Sit by a corner and READ!
Chat with your friends and be on your phone.
DO what every kid does
CRy everyday what a baby bi*th

What do you you say when someone ask you to go to prom?

From my adding you are 000.000.000 smart!
are you talking to me.............

Have you seen my account?

1.000 yes!
i guess so.....

How would your locker look?

Full of books
Phones,lipgloss,headphones etc.
i am to scared to talk...