Does Laughing Jack like you? (1)

Find out in the end to see if he likes you or not. He might only like you as a friend or maybe more. Let's just hope you don't get a he hates you. Boys and girls can take this quiz.

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Does Laughing Jack like you? (1)
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Me: Alright L.J. ask some questions to this quizzer.
L.J. : Alright. What is your favorite color? Don't kill me.
Me: They are going to get you.
L.J. : Then protect me.
Me: Fine.

Black and white.
L.J. : No way! Mine too!
Me: Mine too!
L.J. : Cool.
L.J. : Nope bye.
Me: Not bye. We still have more. You can deal with them at the end.

L.J. : Alright. What is your favorite food?
Me: Good one.

L.J. : Omg...
Me: Awesome.
L.J. : That's fine.
L.J. : Eww. Just no.
Me: Gross.

L.J. : Alright. Next one. Who is your favorite creepypasta besides me?
Me: Nice one.

Laughing Jill.
L.J. : Awesome.
Jeff The Killer.
L.J. : Cool.
Me: He's my favorite too!
Slender man.
L.J. : Why? He's creepy as heck.
Me: I know right?
L.J. : Yep.

L.J. : Do you like clowns?

Yes. I love clowns.
L.J. : Yay!
They are okay.
Me: Agreed.
L.J. : Good enough.
No. I hate them.
L.J. : Ouch that hurts.
Me: Oof.

L.J. : What is your weapon of choice?

My hands/claws.
L.J. : Oh sweet.
Me: Awesome!
L.J. : Nice.
Me: Guns are boring.
L.J. : Agreed.

L.J. : What kind of games do you like to play?

Carnival games.
L.J. : Me too! Can I have him/her?
Me: Not until after the quiz.
Minecraft or fortnite.
Me: Cool.
L.J. : That's fine I guess.
Annoy Masky games.
L.J. : Oh great. Another Toby.
Me: Agreed. I mean Toby is cool and all but we just don't need another one.

L.J. : Alright I'm done. Cya! *Leaves the room*
Me: Alright. I guess it's my turn to ask you some. So what do you think Of L.J.?

He is awesome! I love him!
Me: Wow.
He is okay.
Me: Cool. I agree with you.
I hate him!
Me: Then why are you even here?

Me: Who was L.J. s owner?

Isaac Grossman
Sally Williams
No clue. I guess Ticci Toby.
Me: Well okay then.

Me: What do you think you will get on this?

He Loves you!
He sees you as a friend.
He hates you!

Me: Alright. I'm out of ideas. Did you like this?

Heck yeah I liked it.
It was okay.
No. I didn't like it.