Are You A True Christian?

Are You A True Christian?

First, take my poll and comment, please! Then, let's see if you are a Christian!

published on October 08, 201440 responses 40
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Do you believe in Predestination, Free Will, or a mixture of both? (Won't affect your answer unless you answer neither.) *Remind me to blog about that as soon as I finish my current blog series on Changing The World Forever...

Free Destination (the mixture of both)
Free Will
I'm confused... (It's okay if you are! I promise to clear that up if you ask me to!)
None of the above...

How do you feel about gay marriage? (I'm really curious about this one! If it helps, I have friends who are bi and lesbian... So, I tend to be very compassionate on this subject, no matter how touchie it gets.)

I really don't like it, but I'm willing to be compassionate about it... Even if I really don't like it.
I hate it! (no further comment, please.)
I guess it's okay...?
Well, I don't like it, but I know that we're supposed to be loving anyways and all...
Whatever... Let the people be!

Is Jesus your Lord and Savior?

Of course!
Yeah, I guess.

How often do you get mad at someone over something?

Off and on, but I am willing to forgive people for what they do.
I get mad, but it doesn't last long because I will forgive them.
I might have an issue with anger...?
Anger is anger. What's wrong with that?

Have you noticed I'm asking about controversial issues? Knowing that, how confident do you feel in your answers? (No going back to change your answers.)

I feel really confident in my faith, meaning I'm more than confident in my answer!
I guess it's gonna be okay.
Whatever... I believe what I believe!

Have you been answering honestly?

As honest as I can, anyways...
Maybe, maybe not...

How often do you go to church?

At least once a week.
As often as I can.
Not a lot to never...

Sorry it was short, but I'm just trying to get a good idea on where everyone's at.

It's okay. Good job!
Okay, that's alright!
Got it...