Which Character from Parks and Recreation are You?

This quiz will tell you which character from the hit comedy show you most embody.

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What's your favorite hobby?

Working! Or socializing with my friends. Or WORKING!
Playing Settlers of Catan and other nerd games.
Ah well, any activity in which I could be useful to others is my favorite.
Oh I don't know, maybe watching some soap operas or hanging out with my friends.
Going to the club - look for some investors for my business- maybe date their daughters.
Play music with my band.
See how many men I can seduce in twenty minutes.
Playing polo, wine tasting, anything that costs a lot of money and makes poor, fat people cry, really.
Getting the latest scoop.
Exercising! Both my body and my smiles! :)
Going cluuuuuuuubiiiiiNNNNNGGGG
Spending money and setting cars on fire.
Dating around, seeing what's out there!……I'm so lonely…...
Being paid.
A hobby? It would be to be reporting as that is my favorite hobby.

Choose a food

Any time of soup or ice cream….really, anything that can be spilled easily
Chicken park sounds good.
Anything that can be easily named something cooler.
Bologna sandwich except with cookies instead of bread.
Human flesh sprinkled with ann perkins' tears
Shrimp cocktail
Meat. or Alcohol. Alcohol is a food. Not fish though, that's practically a vegetable
Caviar and crystal oranges
Anything that's green and healthy!
Macaroni and CheeeeeeeEEEEEEEse
Anything that I can get for free (or without being caught)
Well, I'm pretty much cool with anything.
I don't have time for food- I just guzzle down coffee all day.
My favorite food would be whatever food I favor the most, and that food has yet to be decided.

Two words - Lil Sebastian

he's alright, but I don't really get the big deal
Oh wow, my kids love him. He is adorable.
Oh yeah, he's cool.
I didn't lose him I swear - it was all Jerry's fault.
Oh man, I admire him so much, I'd write him a song.
he's life, one of the few things in this town that doesn't completely suck
Aw yeah, I could talk about him all DAY
I approve. Next question.
he's the BeeeeEEEEEEEEssssst
I'd love to run with him
Is he cute? I need a drink
Is he single? I need a drink
Okay, you keep talking about your little horsey I have business to attend to
The story is - I love him.

You see someone drop their wallet on the street, what do you do?

Return it to him.
Call out "Sir, you dropped something" and watch as he comes back and picks it up. Would be a darn
shame if he lost the best currency in the world.
That someone was probably me - don't' worry my wallet's probably empty anyways.
Pick it up and walk over to the person, then accidentally drop the wallet into a sewer.
Step on it and laugh. Then wash my shoes.
Return it to him…..after I check it for twenties
A wallet is dropped, how will I answer? The plot thickens. And by thicken, I mean develops.
Keep walking - I probably didn't notice anyways, I'm too busy.
Kick it over to the person who dropped it.
Oh how awful! I'd definitely return it as soon as possible.
Pick it up and throw it over to the person with a smile on my face! :)
Give it back to the person and flirt a bit.
Give it back to the person and attempt and fail to flirt a bit.
Looks like it's my lucky DAaaaaaAAAAAy
Looks like I'm getting new clothes today!
What a story! Careless litterer Attacks Park!
Return the wallet immediately and wish him/her a good day!

Who is the worst councilman/woman?

Councilman Jam….or Dexhart….they're both so awful.
Councilman Milton - what a racist.
Councilman Jam. I'd like to "jam" my fist into his face.
Councilwoman knope. RECALL KNOPE
Oh I don't know…but Bobby Newport would have made a cute councilman….
Hey, hey, I can't state my position on these things - it might affect my work...
The worst councilman would actually be councilWOMAN which would then be Councilwoman Knope.
I wasn't aware there was a council but Leslie is the best.
Councilman Jam really gets on my nerves.
Well, gee, I think they're all doing their best - why judge them at all?
Who CaaaaAAAAAres?
Whichever one is the hardest to poison.
Councilman Milton - just die already, U R DISGUSTING.
Councilman Jam is really difficult to deal with, i'll tell you that much.
To be honest, I hate all of them except for Leslie and Howser.
Ew, politics? I'd rather drink tap water.
Councilwoman Knope, who in my opinion, is doing a terrible job, and that is a fact.

Choose a word

Murder, again.
Rock and roll….and my spouse….but combine the words to rock-an-ouse (that sounds like a great
band name!)

What do you find attractive?

A full bank account
Someone who is just as ambitious and successful as I am and also doesn't talk a lot (I'll do enough
of that)
Daaang, I'm also going to have to go with "Me"
Someone who's a lot like me but the opposite gender.
Supermodel physique, and a heart of gold.
I'll settle with just the supermodel physique, thank you very much.
Anyone who's positive, but also understanding and willing to be serious at times.
A cute butt and a mind for politics
Someone who's a hard worker but is also caring and affectionate.
Someone who'll listen to me seriously and love me for who I am without being embarrassed about it.
I find attractiveness quite attractive to be honest.
My high school gym teacher's husband
A caring heart, patience, a sense of humor.

If you were given a thousand dollars, what would you do with it?

Spend it on one epic party!
Spend it on useless things and prank others! Commit a crime!
Buy thousands of rats to set loose in the person I hate's apartment
Donate it to someone/thing that needs it more than I do!
Buy some premium groceries to cook some super cool, healthy dishes
Buy a million and a half balloons
Refurbish my condo
Only a thousand? I can't even buy a soda with that….
Invest and start a restaurant!
Buy some pants.
Oh I don't know….maybe buy some new furniture?
Bury it.
Use it to endorse my book by funding a tour!
Probably just deposit it in a bank.
Whatever seems best at the time.
Use it to help my client
Donate it to a charity!

What's your idea of paradise/ your dream goal?

Nothing but me, a beer, and a saw. Possibly a steak or an animals that would soon become one.
Me in the highest office, working and helping everyone I love!
Money and Men, baby.
Dang, the person above knows what's up. I'll take some of that.
Animals and my spouse and literally nothing else but the sounds of Ann Perkins suffering in Hell.
BoooooOOOOOOOOOOOObies. and some money too thanks, daddy.
Um, my daily life?
Placing first in my favorite game.
Being in a relationship with someone who really cares about me.
Having a family and being surrounded by friends who adore me.
Finding and releasing the story of the century.
Me beating you in a debate.
Becoming the most famous reporter in the world.
Everyday I see my family is paradise.
Owning a successful business
Becoming a rock star
Affecting others positively!