What school of magic do you belong to?

What school of magic do you belong to?

Ever wondered, what is my favorite kind of magic? Well now you can see what school of magic you belong to.

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So welcome to my quiz!

Hello it is nice to meet you (:
Uh hi..

1. You saw your BFF getting beat up by a bully. You:

A. Use your awesome skills to get back at the bully
B. Try to confront the bully not to hurt your friend
C. Tell an adult
D. March up to the bully and call him a bad name
E. Do nothing
F. You scream at the bully and kick him in the shins

2. You figure out your friend is dating your ex boyfriend/girlfriend. You:

A. Shrug. It's not a really big deal
B. You start crying. Why would they do this to you???
C. You tell your friend, congrats!
D. Yell at your friend for being the worst friend ever
E. Don't care. Past is the past.
F. You scream at them and push them

3. You go to the zoo and see a large hairy spider. You:

A. Glance at it and move on
B. You scream
C. You pet it and coo at it. It's so cute!
D. You stomp to the nearest zoo employee and yell at them, YOU KNOW WHAT, GET
E. You look at it and go to the next. Simple.
F. You punch the glass with all your might, then grab the spider and go. You need this
for you collection!

4. Your mom tells you that we are moving! But it is away from your friends. You:

A. Say ok!
B. Say in a whiny voice: do we have to?
C. Sigh and then say: ok then I will go upstairs to pack
D. Yell at her to not move again
E. Shrug
F. Stomp upstairs and yell: I AM GOING TO STAY RIGHT HERE.

5. Your teacher comes up to you and shows you your test that you did yesterday. And it has a bad grade. You:

A. Mumble: I tried hard.
B. Start crying
C. Say: there must have been a mistake!
D. Slump down in your chair in hit your head on the desk
E. Tell her: I'll try harder next time.

6. You see online an awesome shirt that you want. You go to the store and asked for the shirt. The manager tells you that they are sold out. You:

A. Look for another shirt.
B. Mumble: but I really wanted that shirt.
C. Sigh but move on.
D. Your angry but you don't show it.
E. Go home empty handed.
D. Bang your fist on the counter and yell at the manager

7. Your mom tells you that you can paint your room any color you want! You pick:

Natural colors
Light colors
Dark colors

That's the end! Did you like it?

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