Your Star Wars life

Your Star Wars life

Take this quiz to find out your life in the world of Rebellions and Evil.

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First question (and in my opinion the most important) what do you look like

Brown hair, brown eyes, tanned skin.
Red hair, blue eyes, pale skin.
Dark almost black hair, green eyes, medium skin.
Dirty blonde hair, grey eyes, pale skin

Are you a sith, or a jedi, or neither

Jedi master, just to clarify.

What are your interests

Reading, writing, helping others.
Practicing for battle, reading, feeling the force.
Teaching, writing, giving advice.
Spying, planing, preparing.

What are your personalities like

Kind, strong, brave.
Clever, funny, strategic.
Bold, cunning, confidant.
Dominant, sarcastic, agile.

What's your favorite food

Fruits and veggies.
Cocunut cake.
Strawberries and oranges.
Dark chocolate.

Your walking down the halls of the palace of Naboo chatting with someone, what are you talking about

Our padawans.
A suprise attack on some remote planet.

Last question, have you been honest

Yes I have been honest.
of coarse.
I have been.
Uh I um I uh, oh well you see I