What Part of "Tyler's Rectial" are you?

What Part of "Tyler's Rectial" are you?

Are you Tyler, his oboe, the Reception, or maybe even Dr. Kim? The question you've all been waiting for, finally find out the TRUTH!

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It's the middle of the night and you open your eyes to the worst nightmare you could imagine. What is it?

You've farted and everyone has heard it. They are all judging you. It wasn't a fart noise... it was a REAL fart.
The side of your body is completely split open. You can no longer function.
Tyler is standing by your bedside. "Hi, I'm sorry, I have a new piece I'd like you to play with me. The recital is in 30 minutes. Thank you, SORRRY!!!!"
An empty fridge falls on you... and kills you.

You're playing a part from your recital and make a little mistake.

I don't make mistakes.
This is not in your control. The overlords have commanded you to make a mistake.
Apologize profusely and admit your stupidity. You are very sorry.
Whatever... I think I'll get taco bell later.

You zone out during the performance... what was on your mind?

Food. Just any kind.
Why won't he just count...?
Unicorns or something shiny.
Toot, toot, la la LAAA

You're extremely stressed out. How do you cope?

*fart noise*
Binge Eat Food

If you could have one of these whenever you want... which would you chose?

Never having to pay for any food ever again.
Unlimited supply of oboe reeds that are PERFECT.
A magic wand that lets you shoot glitter at people.