Robin and The Sheerwood Hoodies.

Seen the panto? Or been in it? Well, its time to see which character you would be in it! Good luck!

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Time to start the quiz. Are you ready?

I've been nominated for an Oswald.. twice! Of course I'm ready!
Ready? I was born ready!
Skunks at the ready! C'mon scouts! (me: are you ready or not) Of course I'm ready!
I'm am the king. (me: I know that) Yay! So someone knows! I'm ready!
Just, umm, getting my henchman ready... (me: its a simple yes or no question) Oh. Yes.
Yes. I'm not scared of the sherrif *sherrif enters* Ahh!!! Its the sherrif!
Just gettin' the turture stuff ready, Sire.
Yes, master.
No. I'm a cowerd. Like Bolt here.
No. I'm a cowerd. Like Grabbit here.

Ok. Right, what is your faveoute colour?

Green (like the scouts wear)
Blood red, Sire.
Yes, master. (me: I said colour. C-O-L-O-U-R) Oh... Er... Red!
Gold! (me: your a lot like Grabbit. Which one is the clever one?) Probely Grabbit, but maybe me.

Who is your best friend?

I don't know. I have a lot. Maybe Dave, or Will, or even Tuck.
Will. What? He's a nice guy.
My little troupe of Skunk Scouts.
I have no time for friends. But maybe the sherrif.
I have no time for friends. But maybe King John.
Maybe Robin.
King John! (Gavin: Ahem) Gavin...

What do you do in your spare time?

Reherse, reherse, reherse. What? That's all you can do if you are in an acting team!
Take a walk in the forest
Go to Scouts
Lead the city
Collect taxes
Torture people
Yes, master. (me: I asked what you do in your spear time) Oh... Torture!
Steal things with Bolt
Steal things with Grabbit

What is your faveoute subject at school?

Can I say scout skills? (me: sure) YES!
I don't go to school. I'm the king!
Archery, if you count that as a subject
Writing horror stories (me: so... English?) Yes, master.
Whats the point in school when I can steal things with Bolt?
Whats the point in school when I can steal things with Grabbit?

That's it. Did you like it?

Do I get an Oswald? (me: yes) Hurry!
It was OK I guess...
I could have been doing something else.
I could have been collecting taxes
Yeah... It was good...
Yes, master. (me: don't say mas... Never mind...)
It was great, right Bolt?
It was great, right Grabbit?