Dating Sim! (Deredere Girl)

Dating Sim! (Deredere Girl)

Sup. This is the... SIXTH!? Wow! Thx! See if the Deredere girl will like you, if she'll feel nervous around you, or if she doesn't like you!

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Hi! Call me Kandy~❤

Hello! I am ----. Where would you like to go today?
Okay. I'm ----.
You seem too cheery today. I'll make sure that stops...

Oh! Could we pleeeeaase go to an amusement park? ❤❤❤❤

What the-!? Don't act like a baby! And FINE!
Of course! It sounds like fun!

*At amusement park* There's so many things to do! What should we do?

I'll let you pick!
Death drop!

Haha! Okay! I would prefer to go on the love boats, though..

Ugh... Love Boats sounds too lovey-dovey. To the Death Drop!
But I'm huuuunggrryyyyyy!! Cotton Candy.
Oh! Love Boats sounds perfectly romantic to me!

*After* Haha! That was fun. How about playing water shooter? I wish you could win me that purple stuffed bear!

I'll make sure to get it for you!
Nah... How about some Popcorn? We can do it later...
Ugh.. Too girly! Get it yourself!

*Once stuffy was won* OHHHGH! This stuffy is so cuuute! I'll put it with the others at home.

Mnnh...zzzz.... Oh! Huh?
Meh... I'm too manly for this crap.
Yes! It is so cute! I bet Mr. Fluffington will like being with you. I know I do!

This is so fun! How about lunch now?

Okay! My treat.
We'll split the bill?
Okay. I got no cash on me, can you pay?

*At restaurant* Ahahaha! It's so fun being with you! Okay, I'll like this, please.

Oh? My other dates tried that, they said it was disgusting.
Okay! Two orders of -----, please!
Mnnnh... Can we share that one? I wanna try it...

*Once you got the food* Mmmmh! Delish!

(Reaches over and grabs some) Om om nom... You're right, it is good! You can have a small bit of my
food... Om nom nom...
I bet! Want to try some of my food? It's good!
Ugh... My food is disgusting, you have it.


(Pushes food to her)
Oh! Whoops, I already ate it all...

*After* You know, it's getting late... See u! Was so much fun!

I had fun too! Buh-Bye!
Huh...? Oh, Bye...