What faction are you from divergent

What faction are you from divergent

You will enjoy this because you get to find out what faction you are from the movie divergent

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A angry dog approaches you what do you do ?

Try and tame it
Give it meat
Kill it
Check if anyone is around (save others)
Give up.
Talk to it
Run away

Someone robs you what do you do ?

Let them take it because it obviously means more to them
Call the police
Say do you need help with money or etc
Out smart them and you get your stuff back
Defend yourself and protect the others around you
Ask why are you doing this do you hate me or something ?
Kill in defence

Your in court

I killed in self defence
I'm not saying anything
He stole my stuff
Send me to jail I protected the people
I was trying to help him
I did nothing
I thought I called the police why am I here

Your stuck in a glass box and your friends are laughing at you and water is coming up quickly you

Drowned because of thinking to much
Try to get out the box because you want to go back to your friends
Tell the truth to your friends saying I knew you weren't my true friends
You sacrifice your life for others
Brake where the water is coming from then escape
Do nothing
You find a knife and you brake the glass

A roster hurts you what do you do

Chop its head so it does not hurt anyone again
You say everyone stay back
Be nice anyway
Out smart the chicken so you capture it
Say nothing
Let someone else Handel the roster
Chop the rosster head off and have it for dinner

Someone comes and attacks do you

Ask why
Don't fight back
Help others get away
Try and kill
Out smart him or her to take her or his mask off
Defend yourself and protect others
Runaway and call the police

A animal is getting hurt do you

Save it and protect the animal
Help both
Call the RSPCA
Help the defenceless animal after it has been hurt
Out smart the attacker
Ask people did this animal deserve it
Try and stop the fight

Your faction is going to kill all of your family members accept you what do you do ?

Save family member and kill all your faction so it becomes extinct
Stay with faction