Help or no help

Starlight drowned. See if you would help her after her trip to the hospital.

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Scootaloo: Starlight! Somepony Save Her!

You: Saves her
You: lets her die

(On the car ride)
Scootaloo: Why couldn't i have helped her! I had to be a chicken.

You: You are not a chicken!
You: want to see me do the best chicken impression? "Scootaloo. Scoot, scoot, Scootaloo!"

Sweetie belle: want to play a game?
Scootaloo: dont be so creepy!

Sure, ill play

Sweetie belle: Synonym says go on all four and do the beep beep ima sheep *music plays*

You beep beep like a sheep
You and scootaloo dont move

More questions coming soon