Motivation and Reward

Motivation and Reward

This activity seeks to identify what motivates you as an employee through Hertzberg's Two Factor Theory.

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What would compel you to work harder at your job?

Achievement of Personal Excellence.
Attractive Compensation Package.
Status and Recognition.

Two employees in your department are on extended sick leave and you are required to perform additional duties. You would do it willingly if ..

Your supervisor is counting on you.
You are rewarded for your efforts.
You think it will increase your chances for career advancement.
You think that the company will recognize your value as an employee.

You are required to work after your working hours with a client on solving a difficult issue. You do it because...

You enjoy receiving overtime pay.
You want to resolve the issue to satisfy the client.
You do not want to be reprimanded by your supervisor if you don't satisfy the customer.
You like the challenge and the reward.

You get an opportunity to act in a different job position, however you are required to perform your old job functions as well. You would do it...

To receive the acting allowance.
To learn the new functions associated with the job.
To increase your chance to be promoted.
All of the above.

You have been stuck in the same position at work for the last seven years. You continue to do your job because...

You want to receive the salary.
You make a difference in the lives of others.
It gives you a feeling of personal accomplishment.
You are appreciated and the salary is good.

Your organization is going through a major change. You encourage co-workers to embrace the change because...

Your supervisor values you as an employee.
You want to ensure that your job is secure.
You want to ensure that the organization survives.
Your supervisor may be impressed and you may be promoted.

Your organization has undergone a major change. The new management has reduced the compensation package you receive. You would...

Work to rule.
Find another job.
Continue to work as usual. Money isn't everything.
Continue to work as usual while looking for another job.

Your organization has been acquired by another organization which has reduced your compensation package. You have found another job and is in the process of leaving. Your supervisor wants to know what will make you stay.

Reinstate your former compensation package.
Enhance your job position and responsibility.
Enhance your rewards and recognition.
Improve your working conditions.

Your organization went through a major change and employee turnover increased as a result. If management was desirous of improving employee motivation and loyalty, which would most likely assist in the achievement of this objective.

Enhanced salary and rewards.
Increased recognition for work performance and control over your work.
Promotion to a higher pay grade.
Increased exposure to new job functions and activities.

What would make you leave an organization?

Poor compensation and working conditions.
Autocratic policies and procedures.
No room for career advancement and improvement of job status.
Boring, monotonous work.