Which Camp? By Rick Riordan

If you have already enjoyed the novels, you can choose the camp that corresponds to your favourite Rick Riordan series. Or you can complete the quiz below to see which suits you best!

published on November 13, 201411 responses 4

What sort of food would you prefer to eat?

Bread, fruit, cheese and olives, with honey
cakes for dessert
Vegetable soup and fried fish, with ice cream
for dessert
Bread and meat, with fruit for dessert

What would you prefer to do in your spare time?

Go to the theatre
Play board games

What sort of government would you prefer?

Everyone has a vote to decide what to do
Everyone votes for a representative, and these representatives decide what to do
The country is ruled by a king or queen

What sort of sports would you like to play?

Wrestling, discus and marathon running
Chariot racing
Archery, rowing and swimming

What sort of clothing would you like to wear?

A tunic with a cloak, leather sandals and jewellery
A toga with brightly coloured leather shoes and carefully arranged hairstyle
A short kilt (for men) or dress (for women) made of linen, with makeup and jewellery